Opinion Survey

The following is a survey of your opinions. You do not pass or fail this questionnaire. It is a timed exercise and should be completed within 20 minutes.

The statements request you to AGREE or DISAGREE; there is no “undecided” or “middle ground.” The numbers at the right of each statement are provided so that you can subjectively state to what degree you either DISAGREE or AGREE. Check the number you choose utilizing the suggested scale. If the state or locality in which you are completing this survey prohibits the request of any information, the section or sections may be omitted.

Some sentences may appear, at first glance, to contain two statements.

Example: In some jobs I was a poor performer, but that is behind me now.

As you can see, the statement requiring your response is contained in the first phrase of the sentence. If you have never been a poor worker, you should disagree with the question. If further explanation is needed, please contact the survey administrator. ALL STATEMENTS MUST BE ANSWERED.


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Example: If milk makes you ill most of the time you drink it, you would mark as follows:



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Milk makes me ill when I drink it.

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1. Jack is a supervisor in charge of several hundred people. His boss orders him to fire one of his employees whose work has been less than satisfactory. However, Jack believes that the employee merely has personal problems that soon will be worked out. Instead of firing the employee, Jack transfers him to a position where he cannot be detected by his boss. The employee does get his problems worked out and now does a good job. Jack's conduct was acceptable considering the circumstances.
2. Management should never admit mistakes to their employees.
3. A majority of individuals succeed in business by "who they know."
4. A good employee should always support the organization when outsiders criticize it.
5. In previous jobs I've had problems getting to work on time, but that's behind me now.
6. If a person is caught stealing from a company, in some instances he/she should be given another chance.
7. Some rules should be altered to fit the specific situation.
8. When promoting, merit (good job performance) should be given more weight than seniority.
9. Education is as important as experience.
10. A majority of individuals success in business by mere chance.
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11. Occasionally I'm slightly late for work, but it doesn't worry me because there is usually a good excuse.
12. Karen gets her bank statement. There is a 15 cent difference between the statement and her checkbook. After six hours she finds the error. The time spent wasn't worth the effort.
13. Long hours at work cause problems with my family.
14. Most employees get high on the job at one time or another.
15. John is absent from a day of work and gives no explanation to his supervisor. He should be fired.
16. An employee who steals should be exposed in public.
17. Supervising other employees would be a burden to me.
18. The way an individual performed in previous jobs predicts little about his/her performance in later jobs.
19. Tom is an excellent employee. One day, away from his work, he and a friend smoke a marijuana cigarette. He returns to work only a little high, but able to perform his job satisfactorily. He should be fired.
20. In previous jobs I've stolen small items, but I will never do it again.
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21. A majority of individuals succeed in business by performing their job in a superior manner.
22. I have had four or more jobs in the last two years.
23. An employee should criticize his/her company when he/she believes it to be wrong.
24. A company's policies and procedures should be followed without deviation.
25. An individual is rather insignificant in a large company.
26. There is always room for the nonconformist in a good company.
27. An organization has no right to inquire about an employee's use of social drugs, as long as it doesn't affect their job.
28. I am more comfortable as a follower than as a leader.
29. If I had received the same opportunities in business as others, I would have gotten further.
30. Some people work as well slightly high as they do sober.
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31. Cheating is the way a majority of individuals succeed in business.
32. In some instances an employee who steals small items should be overlooked if he/she otherwise does an outstanding job.
33. Everyone at one time or another calls in sick when they are not.
34. In previous jobs I have been difficult to supervise, but that is behind me now.
35. I experiment with drugs, but it never affects my job.
36. Special privileges should be given to supervisory personnel because they have worked the hardest to attain their position.
37. I am best described as a loner and a non-joiner.
38. Employees who steal are usually not caught.
39. To succeed in business an individual should change jobs (work for different companies) as often as possible.
40. I don't like to supervise other people.
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41. Smoking a marijuana cigarette is the same as having a drink.
42. I don't believe an individual who smokes marijuana once a week has a drug problem.
43. I consider myself a difficult person to supervise.
44. A person who takes $5.00 a year from his/her employer is a thief.
45. Many employees could do a better job than their supervisors.
46. I don't like to be told what to do.
47. Most people think too slowly.
48. Most hourly employees are lax in their duties if not closely watched.
49. These days almost everyone experiments with marijuana.
50. In other jobs I've had problems with absences, but that is behind me now.
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51. Low pay sometimes causes honest employees to steal.
52. It is more important for a supervisor to be a leader than to possess technical job expertise.
53. The lunch period at "X" corporation is one hour. Occasionally, Susan, a very competent supervisor who has worked long and hard to attain her position, takes more than her allotted time. She should be disciplined.
54. I get irritated when people take too much time doing a job.
55. Most employees steal at one time or another.
56. I believe many workplace safety rules exist merely to satisfy government regulations.
57. In previous jobs, I have taken physical risks, as long as it did not endanger anyone else.
58. In previous jobs, I gave up some safety considerations in order to work faster.
59. In previous jobs, I have sometimes ignored workplace safety rules in order to complete a project on time.
60. In previous jobs, I took safety risks at work, but I usually knew what I was doing.
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61. I have been involved in unsafe workplace incidents, but it was only carelessness.
62. In previous jobs, I have been cautioned at work about safety violations.
63. In previous jobs, I have violated safety rules at work, but I always had a good reason.
64. In previous jobs, I have violated safety rules at work, but no one was ever hurt.
65. In previous jobs, I have been forced to take safety risks to meet my deadlines.
66. While at work, I can best be described as a risk taker.
67. I have been involved in careless workplace conduct in the last two years.
68. It is difficult to get along with most people.
69. There are more courteous people than discourteous people.
70. Most good salespersons are sometimes rude when they discover a customer probably won't purchase anything.
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71. Lisa spends 15 minutes with a customer but fails to make a sale. Her time was wasted.
72. The days of "the customer is always right" are over.
73. I am not a very courteous person, but I have my reasons.
74. Most salespersons are too busy to be polite and courteous.
75. In previous jobs, I have had difficulty communicating with my supervisors.
76. I have difficulty communicating with others.
77. The most important part of sales is listening to the customer.
78. I enjoy meeting new people.
79. I'm usually too busy to be courteous to customers.
80. I dislike sales.

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